Cheng Liang Xiong

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volume 31 NumBeR 7 JulY 2013 nature biotechnology intraepithelial neoplasias (CINs; 2,950 cases per 100,000 for CIN1 and 1,480 cases per 100,000 for CIN2/3) and cervical cancer (407 cases per 100,000) in low-income Muslim Uyghur women of 30–59 years. The rural communities where we performed screening were typical low-income settings; 29% of women were(More)
Azoospermia is one of the major reproductive disorders which cause male infertility in humans; however, the etiology of this disease is largely unknown. In the present study, six missense mutations of WT1 gene were detected in 529 human patients with non-obstructive azoospermia (NOA), indicating a strong association between WT1 mutation and NOA. The Wilms(More)
Purpose: Our purpose was to evaluate sperm motility and viability and the maintenance of these parameters in already cryopreserved semen samples following repeated freezing/thawing cycles. Methods: Human spermatozoa were subjected to five cycles of cryopreservation/thawing. Recovery of sperm motility and viability and the proportion of viable nonmotile(More)
Trichomes, developing from the epidermis of nearly all terrestrial plants, provide good structural resistance against insect herbivores and an excellent model for studying the molecular mechanisms underlying cell fate determination. Regulation of trichomes in Rosids has been well characterized. However, little is known about the cell proliferation molecular(More)
Sodium alginate was hydrophobically modified by coupling of polybutyl methacrylate onto the alginate. The polybutyl methacrylate was previously prepared through polymerization of butyl methacrylate in the presence of 2-amino-ethanethiol as a chain transfer agent. The structure of the product was characterized by Fourier-transformed infrared spectrometry,(More)
To investigate the release profile of met-enkephalin, β-endorphin, and dynorphin-A in ruminants' CNS, goats were stimulated by electroacupuncture of 0, 2, 40, 60, 80, or 100 Hz for 30 min. The pain threshold was measured using potassium iontophoresis. The peptide levels were determined with SABC immunohistochemisty. The results showed that 60 Hz increased(More)
Homeodomain leucine zipper IV (HD-ZIP IV) proteins are plant-specific transcription factors that play important roles in development of epidermal cell layers and cuticle formation. The functions of two HD-ZIP IV family genes, CD2 and Wo, have been well characterized in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum). CD2 and Wo are involved in cuticle biosynthesis and(More)
Cyclins exist extensively in various plant species. Among them, B-type cyclins play important roles in the transition of G2-to-M. However, few B-type cyclins have been reported to participate in reproductive organ development and trichome formation. In this study, transgene analysis showed that SlCycB2 overexpression caused abnormal flower with the unclosed(More)
Using map-based cloning, we delimited the dialytic gene to an approximately 109-kb fragment, which controls multicellular trichome formation and stamen development in tomato. Trichomes exist in the epidermis of nearly all terrestrial plants, including unicellular and multicellular types. The molecular mechanism of unicellular trichomes in Arabidopsis is(More)
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