Cheng-Liang Chen

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A multi-product, multi-stage, and multi-period scheduling model is proposed in this paper to deal with multiple incommensurable goals for a multi-echelon supply chain network with uncertain market demands and product prices. The uncertain market demands are modeled as a number of discrete scenarios with known probabilities, and the fuzzy sets are used for(More)
This paper aims to present a mathematical model to describe the plasma glucose and insulin daily variations on normal and diabetic subjects. The proposed model consists of two delay differential equations (DDEs) where five adjustable parameters are used to characterize the respective dynamics and oscillation behavior of normal and diabetic subjects. Several(More)
The toxicity of methylmercury (MeHg) is, in part, thought to be due to its interaction with thiol groups in a variety of enzymes, but the molecular targets of MeHg are poorly understood. Arginase I, an abundant manganese (Mn)-binding protein in the liver, requires Mn as an essential element to exhibit maximal enzyme activity. In the present study, we(More)
The input–output parametric relationship of a class of crisp-type fuzzy logic controllers (FLC’s) using various t-norm sum-gravity inference methods is studied. Four most important t-norms are used to calculate the matching level of each control rule and the explicit mathematical forms of reasoning surfaces obtained by using these four t-norms are(More)
This paper investigates the relationship between the piecewise linear fuzzy controller (PLFC), in which the membership functions for fuzzy variables and the associated inference rules are all in piecewise linear forms, and a Gaussian potential function network based controller (GPFNC). in which the network output is a weighted summation of hidden responses(More)
A novel mathematical model is presented to describe the dynamic behavior of plasma glucose and insulin on diabetic subjects. Though various models have been proposed to simulate the short-term (a variety of intravenous glucose or insulin injection) glucose-insulin dynamics, it is intended to construct a modified delay differential equations (DDEs) model(More)