Cheng Lai Wu

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Recovery of rare aquatic plant species in eutrophic lakes often fails, and mutual allelopathic effects between cyanobacteria and submerged macrophytes are one potential reason. In this study, we investigated allelopathic interactions between cyanobacteria and Ottelia acuminata, an endangered submerged macrophyte species in China. We tested effects of(More)
The immature embryo culturing capacity of maize is crucially important to maize improvement by transgenic approach. The hereditary variation regularity of maize embryo culturing capacity is not very clear yet. The research aims to study the relationship between inheritance and immature embryo culturing capacity of maize inbreds. By culturing immature(More)
We report on the construction of multiarm colloidal molecules by tip-linking filamentous bacteriophages, functionalized either by biological engineering or chemical conjugation. The affinity for streptavidin of a genetically modified vector phage displaying Strep-tags fused to one end of the viral particle is measured by determining the dissociation(More)
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