Cheng Kok Tan

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In this paper, we focus on the problem of ad dissemination in the cluster based vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs). Our goal is to stimulate vehicles to disseminate the ad packets cooperatively in a stable cluster based VANET, meanwhile a stable clustering algorithm for N-hop clustering is proposed. To stimulate the vehicles to cooperate, the VANETs are(More)
This paper describes a video quality analysis system for inservice monitoring of streamed videos, particularly over mobile/wireless networks. The algorithm adopts the no-reference method, and enables real-time measurement of video quality at any point in the content production and delivery chain using any given video. The technologies developed include(More)
Recently, tamper-resistant technology has been adopted to design wireless sensor nodes which possess a lifetime-secure memory fraction (namely fingerprint). We propose a reputation-based adaptive key management protocol based on fingerprint-eFKM. In eFKM, any pair of nodes can build a key based on their partners' reputation by combining raw key elements(More)
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