Cheng Kok Koh

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Two experiments in which time was restored to artificially accelerated (time-compressed) speech are reported. Experiment 1 showed that although both young and older adults' recall of the speech benefited from the restoration of time, time restoration failed to boost the older adults to their baseline levels for unaltered speech. In Experiment 2, either 100%(More)
3-D technology promises higher integration density and lower interconnection complexity and delay. At present, however, not much work on circuit applications has been done due to lack of insight into 3-D circuit architecture and performance. In this paper, we investigate the interconnect distributions of 3-D circuits. We divide the 3-D interconnects into(More)
Rapidly increasing design complexity due to small size and higher speed, results in the problem of clock skew and insertion delay. These are the two important parameters which should be considered for successful completion of the design. In this work, a method for minimizing clock skew by buffer insertion and resize is proposed. Clock skew will be minimized(More)
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