Cheng-Ju Hsieh

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Intermittent scan chain hold-time fault is discussed in this paper and a method to diagnose the faulty site in a scan chain is proposed as well. Unlike the previous scan chain diagnosis methods that targeted permanent faults only, the proposed method targets both permanent faults and intermittent faults. Three ideas are presented in this paper. First an(More)
A new algorithm to diagnose intermittent scan chain fault in scan-based designs is proposed in this paper. An intermittent scan chain fault sometimes is triggered and sometimes is not triggered during scan chain shifting, which makes it very difficult to locate the fault sites. In this paper, we provide answers to three questions:(1) Why intermittent scan(More)
This paper demonstrates that the optimal light extraction enhancement of the 2-D photonic crystals (PhCs) light-emitting diodes (LEDs) among different air duty cycles (ADADCsCs) is independent of the geometry and the shape of the 2-D PhCs. Moreover, it also discusses that the side-directional emission property of the 2-D PhCs LEDs in hexagonal lattice(More)
This study investigates the temporal characteristics of black carbon and its potential emission sources, as well as the fractions of BC in PM2.5 levels in Kaohsiung urban area, which is an industrial city in southern Taiwan. Concentrations of BC and PM2.5 are monitored continuously from March 2006 to February 2010, using an aethalometer and a tapered(More)
This paper demonstrates that the efficiency of InGaN-based light-emitting diodes with nano-post patterned sapphire substrates is superior to that with nano-hole patterned sapphire substrates under the same nano-scale feature owing to reduced quantum-confined stark effect.
In this paper, we have fabricated two-dimensional (2-D) photonic crystals (PhCs) in order to obtain the high light extraction efficiency of InGaN-based Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and then we used front-side illuminated micro-photoluminescence (μ-PL) spectroscopy to measure the PL intensity of our InGaN-based LEDs, we also used back-side illuminated(More)
By incorporating two-dimensional photonic crystals into the surface of InGaN-based LEDs, the strong correlation between the air duty cycle and the light extraction efficiency of LEDs was demonstrated by optical and electrical measurement results.
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