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In the existing applications of streaming media, the formats of streaming media contents are multiple. How to effectively protect various-format streaming media contents is a new challenge. A new protection scheme based on online encryption for streaming media is proposed in this paper. It achieves content protection for various-format streaming media by(More)
Cumulative prospect theory (CPT) is known to model human decisions well, with substantial empirical evidence supporting this claim. CPT works by distorting probabilities and is more general than the classic expected utility and coherent risk measures. We bring this idea to a risk-sensitive reinforcement learning (RL) setting and design algorithms for both(More)
On basis of introducing the essential characteristics of electro-rheological fluid, this paper presents semi-active control for suspension based on ER damper and establishes a quarter car dynamic model. Its state space equation is derived. According to sliding mode control theory, the parameters of the switching surface are determined by the method of pole(More)
Based on color histogram, a new search method is presented in this paper. Firstly, quantify the image in HSV space and split it into annular isometric region. Calculate the third-order moment as feature vectors and realize image retrieval by the similarity comparing between the images. Experimental results show that this improved approach is better than the(More)
This paper introduces a simple method for designing hybrid filter banks for A/D converters with mixed distortion/aliasing optimization of channels using total least-squares solving. Distortion/aliasing discipline induced by HFB itself is the principal goal so that a mixed optimization algorithm related to distortion and aliasing errors is introduced. By(More)
Decomposition of signals over a series of time-frequency atoms by the Matching Pursuit (MP) algorithm has found many applications in signal processing and harmonic analysis, which shows a time-frequency distribution with good resolution and no cross-term and makes it clear to find out physical meanings of each component in the distribution. The internal(More)
The stimulation of endothelial cells by the low and oscillatory arterial wall shear stress (WSS) plays a central role in restenosis. The fluid-structure interaction in the stented area alters the WSS. We have designed an in-vitro model of stented artery to study WSS within a ‘stented’ section. The experimental artery was made by casting paste(More)
• algorithm observes a “context” xt, • algorithm picks an arm at, • reward rt ∈ [0, 1] is realized. The reward rt depends both on the context xt and the chosen action at. Formally, make the IID assumption: rt is drawn independently from some distribution that depends on the (xt, at) pair but not on t. The expected reward of action a given context x is(More)
In this study, UV-vis absorbance, fluorescence, and FT-IR spectroscopy were combined to characterize the components and structure of the water extractable organic nitrogen (WEON) in Lake Erhai sediment. Lake Erhai sediment WEON comprised predominantly high molecular weight WEON, with the fraction with a molecular weight>1kDa accounting for 87.7% of the(More)
  • Li Qi, Cheng Jie
  • 2013 6th International Conference on Information…
  • 2013
The new-generation rural migrant workers have made an indelible contribution to the urbanization process. They focus personal happiness in integrating themselves into the urban life, but they actually become the sandwich class between citizens in urban and rural area, lowering happiness instead. Based on the empirical inquiry into new-generation rural(More)