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BACKGROUND Lung parenchyma segmentation is often performed as an important pre-processing step in the computer-aided diagnosis of lung nodules based on CT image sequences. However, existing lung parenchyma image segmentation methods cannot fully segment all lung parenchyma images and have a slow processing speed, particularly for images in the top and(More)
In this paper, three error compensation methods are devised to reduce the alignment errors induced by lever arm, body flexure, and measurement time delay respectively. A linear error model based on velocity and attitude is constructed for transfer alignment. Then, due to obviously different frequency distribution between disturbed acceleration produced by(More)
OBJECTIVE To discuss the application of reverse flap based on two dorsal metacarpal artery for reconstruction of degloved fingertip avulsion. METHODS From Jan. 2005 to Mar. 2008, 28 cases with degloved fingertip avulsion were treated with reverse flaps based on two dorsal metacarpal artery. The defects were located distal to the distant interphalangeal(More)
BACKGROUND Complex and severe leg defects remain a persistent challenge in reconstructive surgery, especially when no feasible local or regional flaps are available. An operative solution is yet to be found. The descending branch of the lateral circumflex femoral artery of the injured leg was used as the recipient artery in a reverse-flow fashion in these(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the therapeutic effect of digital dorsal flap based on vascular network for skin defects at fingers. METHODS From August 2005 to August 2010, 49 cases with 61 skin defects at fingers were treated with the digital dorsal flaps, including 19 at the index fingers, 19 at the middle fingers, 16 at the ring fingers and 3 at the little(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the operative procedure and the clinical results of the island flap based on the vascular chain of the cutaneous branch of dorsal metacarpal artery for repairing finger soft tissue defect. METHODS Between January 2008 and March 2012, 28 cases of tissue defect of fingers (32 fingers) were repaired with the island flaps based on the(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the therapeutic effect of island flaps pedicled with digital artery for the defects at the end of fingers. METHODS 63 cases with 72 soft tissue defects at the end of fingers were treated with the island flaps. The flap size ranged from 8 mm x 11 mm to 21 mm x 27 mm. RESULTS All the flaps survived completely. The follow-up period(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the therapeutic effect of free tissue flap anastomosed with reverse descendant branch of lateral femoral circumflex artery for severe soft tissue defect at leg. METHODS The severe soft tissue defect at leg, without any vessels for anastomosis of free tissue flap, was reconstructed with free tissue flap, which was anastomosed with(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of acute carpal tunnel syndrome (ACTS) after reduction of Colles' fracture. METHODS Between December 2006 and June 2010, 22 patients with ACTS after reduction of Colles' fracture were treated with expectant treatment and surgical treatment. There were 9 males and 13 females with an average(More)