Cheng Jian

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Chinese sacbrood virus (CSBV) was purified from diseased insects, and its genome was cloned and sequenced. The genomic RNA of CSBV is 8863 nucleotides in length and contains a single large open reading frame encoding a 319.614 kDa polyprotein. The coding sequence is flanked by a 178-nucleotide 5' nontranslated leader sequence and a 142-nucleotide 3'(More)
This paper described the structure of a flexible miniature robot system which can move in human cavities, it makes inchworm-like movement driven by a 3-DOF pneumatic rubber actuator and holds its positions by air chambers. The driving characteristic models in axial and bending directions of the actuator were set up, and an electro-pneumatic pressure control(More)
To estimate the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections (STI) and lower reproductive tract infections (RTI) and determine risk factors for STI among rural women in Sichuan Province, China, a cross-sectional, community-based cluster sample of 2,000 rural, married women were interviewed, examined and clinical specimens collected to assess for six STI(More)
This paper deals with the assignment problem of multi heterogeneous uavs' cooperation when accomplish reconnaissance attack and damage evaluation tasks. We propose a more practical heterogeneous multi-uavs task assignment model and the differences between heterogeneous UAV have been taken into account. In order to solve the model, we present a hierarchical(More)
The paper presents a fast non-data aided parallel PN code acquisition method based on FFT. This method improves frequency scan performance and can eliminate influence of data modulation on code acquisition. The proposed method can reduce acquisition time and decrease acquisition threshold. Implementation block diagram of this method is presented in this(More)
Forest height extraction with polarimetric SAR interferometry (POLInSAR) is a hot research field of imaging SAR remote sensing. Several available forest height inversion methods using POLInSAR data were validated and compared with repeat pass E-SAR datasets and the corresponding ground measured forest stand height through the analysis of the Random Volume(More)
The characteristic and learning algorithm of the RBF Neural Network (RBFN) were analyzed. A model with 2 inputs and 1 output was proposed to forecast the gas concentration. The value of sensors on key measuring points under a coalmine were chosen as training samples and testing samples. Then simulations were carried out with Matlab7.0. The results show that(More)
Remote sensing image segmentation is the basis of object-oriented classification of remote sensing images. It is important for the application of remote sensing images. High-resolution remote sensing images contain rich spatial texture information. SRM is an efficient image segmentation algorithm. This paper presents a segmentation algorithm to take full(More)
The carrier frequency estimation algorithm based on high-order cyclic cumulants does not need a training sequence. Due to the fact that the high-order cycle can suppress the stationary and non-stationary Gaussian noise, the algorithm is tolerant to the noise mentioned above. The computation of the algorithm is deduced in this paper. It shows that if large(More)
Positive ions released from x-ray converter target impacted by electron beam of millimeter spot size can be trapped and accelerated in the incident beam's potential well. As the ions move upstream, the beam will be pinched first and then defocused at the target. Four Faraday cups are used to collect backstreaming ions produced at the bremsstrahlung(More)