Cheng-Jia Lai

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Load balancing has been an increasingly important issue for handling computational intensive tasks in a distributed system such as in grid and cluster computing. In such systems, multiple server instances are installed for handling requests from client applications, and each request (or task) typically needs to stay in a queue before an available server is(More)
We propose a new overlay network, called Generic Identifier Network (GIN), for collaborative nodes to share objects with transactions across affiliated organizations by merging the organizational local namespaces upon mutual agreement. Using local namespaces instead of a global namespace can avoid excessive dissemination of organizational information,(More)
Routing algorithms such as Distance Vector and Link States have the routing table size as Omega (n), where n is the number of destination identifiers, thus providing only limited scalability for large networks when n is high. As the distributed hash table (DHT) techniques are extraordinarily scalable with n, our work aims at adapting a DHT approach to the(More)
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