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Clarification of the antecedents of hospital nurse organizational citizenship behavior -- an example from a Taiwan regional hospital.
Organizational citizenship behaviors (OCB) are deemed indispensable due to their importance in promoting positive relationships among employees and involving employees in the organization'sExpand
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The effect of animal-assisted activity on inpatients with schizophrenia.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of animal-assisted activity on self-esteem, control over activities of daily living, and other psycho-physiological aspects among TaiwaneseExpand
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A survey of how patient-perceived empathy affects the relationship between health literacy and the understanding of information by orthopedic patients?
BackgroundThere is a lack of research examining patient-perceived empathy and its effect on low-literacy patients’ understanding of health information. This study investigated the moderating effectExpand
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Hospital Nurse Job Attitudes and Performance: The Impact of Employment Status
Background: According to the 2007 Taiwan Labor Front Human Resources Report, as much as 47.6% of nurses at some public hospitals were contracted rather than full time. Furthermore, turnover rates forExpand
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Combinatorial approach to the development of a single mass YVO(4):Bi(3+),Eu(3+) phosphor with red and green dual colors for high color rendering white light-emitting diodes.
Instead of developing a novel red phosphor individually, this work proposes the production of white light by combining a near-ultraviolet/ultraviolet diode chip with blue and special yellowExpand
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The Risk Factors, Costs, and Survival Analysis of Invasive VRE Infections at a Medical Center in Eastern Taiwan.
OBJECTIVE To analyze 48 cases the risk factors of vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE) infections, the antibiotic costs after infection, and the survival conditions. DESIGN 1:3 matchedExpand
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UV/VUV switch-driven color-reversal effect for Tb-activated phosphors
  • C. Lin, W. Chen, +4 authors R. Liu
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Light, science & applications
  • 7 January 2016
The remarkable narrow-band emission of trivalent lanthanide-doped phosphors excited by the vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) radiation lines of Xe atoms/Xe2 molecules at 147/172 nm are extensivelyExpand
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Improvement of emission efficiency and color rendering of high-power LED by controlling size of phosphor particles and utilization of different phosphors
White light can be produced by a combination of red, green and blue emitting diode chips or by a single diode chip with phosphors. Expand
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An intelligent approach to the discovery of luminescent materials using a combinatorial approach combined with Taguchi methodology.
A significant advance made in combinatorial approach research was that the emphasis shifted from simple mixing to intelligent screening, so as to improve the efficiency and accuracy of discoveringExpand
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Childbearing May Increase the Risk of Nondiabetic Cataract in Chinese Women's Old Age
Backgrounds. Ocular changes may arise during pregnancy and after childbirth, but very few studies have reported the association between childbearing and cataract among older adults. Methods. 14,292Expand
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