Cheng-Hung Li

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The proliferation of digital video urges the need of video copy detection for content and rights management. An efficient video copy detection technique should be able to deal with spatiotemporal variations (e.g., changes in brightness or frame rates), and lower down the computation cost. While most studies put more emphases on spatial variations, less(More)
Rapid growth of digital photography in recent years spurred the need of photo management tools. In this study, we propose an automatic organization framework for photo collections based on image content, so that a novel browsing experience is provided for users. For each photograph, human faces, together with corresponding clothes and nearby regions are(More)
Quadtree and pyramid structures have attracted considerable attention in recent years. They are increasingly being applied to the fields of digital image and signal processing. As a result, the efficient embedding of these structures in VLSI arrays has become an important research topic. In this paper, we propose three schemes to embed either quadtrees or(More)
A simple yet efficient algorithm was presented by Jan and Huang recently to distribute loads evenly on multiprocessor computers with hypercube interconnection networks. That algorithm was developed based on the well-known dimension exchange method. However, the error accumulation suffered by other algorithms based on the dimension exchange method is avoided(More)
In this paper, a fast seat assignment algorithm is presented. This algorithm is original based on Left-Edge Algorithm (LEA) and enhanced by buckets data structure, where both time and space complexities are reduced from O(N log N) to O(N) dramatically. Our experimental results show that the proposed fast algorithm can be used to solve seat assignment(More)