Cheng Huang Lin

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An all-optical quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy system, based on the F-P demodulation, for trace gas detection in the open environment was proposed. In quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy (QEPAS), an optical fiber Fabry-Perot method was used to replace the conventional electronic demodulation method. The photoacoustic signal was obtained by(More)
Dynamic photothermal-mechanical response of a tri-material microcantilever illuminated by an intensity modulated laser source is theoretically analyzed using the heat dynamic differential model and finite element model based on the COMSOL 5.0. Tri-material microcantilever samples are fabricated by transferring carbon nanotube film onto a silicon(More)
A simple, highly sensitive and specific method based on gas-chromatography-selected ion monitoring (SIM) mass spectrometry has been developed for the quantitation of corticosterone in rat and mouse plasma. After extraction of the plasma with ethyl acetate, the residue was trimethy-silylated with pentafluorobenzyl hydroxylamine-trimethylsilyl (PFBO-TMS).(More)
The critical temperature of Bose-Einstein condensation at minimum momentum state for weakly interacting Bose gases in a power-law potential and the deviation of the critical temperature from ideal bose gas are studied. The effect of interaction on the critical temperature is ascribed to the ratiao α/λc, where α is the scattering length for s wave and λc is(More)
It is quite urgent to need a flexible photodetector in the ultraviolet-visible-near infrared region for building a miniaturization broadband spectrometer. In the present paper, one kind of flexible black silicon doped with sulfur and fluorine was proposed and the optical absorption spectrum was investigated in broadband region. Firstly, the electronic(More)
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