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Myocarditis can be totally asymptomatic or can manifest with chest pain syndromes, ranging from mild persistent chest pain of acute myopericarditis to severe symptoms that mimic acute myocardial infarction. About 60% of patients may have antecedent arthralgias, malaise, fevers, sweats, or chills consistent with viral infections 1 to 2 weeks before onset.(More)
Fat embolism syndrome is a potentially fatal complication and occurs most commonly after long bone fracture. In patients who sustained severe trauma, both cerebral fat embolism(CFE) and diffuse axonal injury (DAI) could be the cause of altered consciousness in the absence of marked intracranial lesions in cranial computed tomography. However, distinguishing(More)
In this study, a method combining radar and entropy was proposed to design a rainfall network. Owing to the shortage of rain gauges in mountain areas, weather radars are used to measure rainfall over catchments. The major advantage of radar is that it is possible to observe rainfall widely in a short time. However, the rainfall data obtained by radar do not(More)
PURPOSE Medulloblastoma is one of the notorious CNS malignancies for subtle and atypical clinical presentations, causing rapid neurological deterioration and death, especially in pediatric patients. The delay in diagnosis leads to painful remorse, conflicts, and lawsuits for parents and medical staff. CASE REPORT We report a 2 year old girl with initial(More)
BACKGROUND Naja atra snakebite is uncommon in Taiwan and causes distinct effects on its victims. Although the Taiwan government produces its own specific antivenom, little information on the management of N. atra snakebite is available. MATERIALS AND METHODS We retrospectively evaluated 183 patients admitted to two medical centers. Of these, 45 were(More)
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