Cheng Hsuan Cho

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Graphene and its derivatives (graphite, CNT) have very high conductivity and critical current density higher than 10<sup>8</sup> A/cm<sup>2</sup>, which can be utilized in interconnect applications. Theoretically, a doped graphene is predicted to have better performance than Cu as an interconnect conductor. However, the feasibility of graphene interconnect(More)
The performance of the recently developed EUV phase-shifting point diffraction interferometer (PS/PDI) depends heavily on the characteristics of the grating beamsplitter used in the implementation. Ideally, such a grating should provide throughput of better than 25% and diffraction efficiency, defined as the ratio of the first-diffracted-order power to the(More)
This article presents an optical measurement method for acquiring rapidly accurate geometric 3-D surface morphology of objects. To achieve high-speed profilometry and avoid disturbance due to in-field vibration, one-shot Fourier transform profilometry (FTP) using two-wavelength digital moiré pattern was developed to detect the morphology of the measured(More)
We demonstrate and explain the operation of PVDF-TrFE/graphene/ZnO:N barristor using electrostatic force microscopy (EFM) poling system. The device was successfully reconfigured using a ferroelectric polymer, PVDF-TrFE. ~10<sup>3</sup> of device current modulation were achieved. And, it will be very useful for dynamically reconfigurable logic, memory and(More)
We demonstrate 100-nm-resolution holographic aerial image monitoring based on lensless Fourier-transform holography at extreme-UV (EUV) wavelengths, using synchrotron-based illumination. This method can be used to monitor the coherent imaging performance of EUV lithographic optical systems. The system has been implemented in the EUV phase-shifting(More)
OBJECTIVE Epratuzumab, a monoclonal antibody that targets CD22, modulates B cell signaling without substantial reductions in the number of B cells. The aim of this study was to report the results of 2 phase III multicenter randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials, the EMBODY 1 and EMBODY 2 trials, assessing the efficacy and safety of epratuzumab(More)
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