Cheng-Hsiang Liu

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In this study a coordinated scheduling of customer orders (CSCO) system, with the purpose of improving customer order flow time, is proposed for the order-based production system in which several jobs make up a given customer order and nothing is delivered to the customer until the order is complete. The customer order flow time, which elapses between the(More)
—This study focuses on solving a special kind of job shop scheduling problem (JSP), where the job value is exponentially deteriorating over time. The current study attempted to find out whether the expected benefits of Lot Streaming (LS) can be found in solving the JSP with the objective of maximizing the total value of the jobs. LS is a process of(More)
This paper considers a coordinated scheduling problem where there is a crane available in the first-stage transportation that transports job from the warehouse to a batching machine and there is a vehicle available in the second-stage transportation to deliver completed jobs from the machine to the customer. The coordinated scheduling problem of production(More)