Cheng-Hsiang Liu

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Recognizing emotion is extremely important for a text-based communication tool such as a blog. On commercial blogs, the evaluation comments by bloggers of a product can spread at an explosive rate in cyberspace, and negative comments could be very harmful to an enterprise. Lately, researchers have been paying much attention to sentiment classification. The(More)
This study focuses on solving a special kind of job shop scheduling problem (JSP), where the job value is exponentially deteriorating over time. The current study attempted to find out whether the expected benefits of Lot Streaming (LS) can be found in solving the JSP with the objective of maximizing the total value of the jobs. LS is a process of splitting(More)
In this study a coordinated scheduling of customer orders (CSCO) system, with the purpose of improving customer order flow time, is proposed for the order-based production system in which several jobs make up a given customer order and nothing is delivered to the customer until the order is complete. The customer order flow time, which elapses between the(More)
This paper examines an integrated scheduling model for production and distribution operations. In this model, a set of jobs involving different amounts of storage space in delivery trucks was processed by either one of two parallel machines and delivered by a single truck to one customer area. The objective was to minimize the time required for all jobs to(More)