Cheng Hong Yang

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We present an efficient algorithm to retrieve similar music pieces from an audio database. The algorithm tries to capture the intuitive notion of similarity perceived by human: two pieces are similar if they are fully or partially based on the same score, even if they are performed by different people or at different speed. Each audio file is preprocessed(More)
Rapport technique de l'INRS-T el ecommunications no. 97-05 This report describes the Ph.D thesis proposal of Cheng Hong Yang prepared under the supervision of Prof. Janusz Konrad and defended on April 18 1997 in front of a committee consisting of Prof. Summary This document describes a project aiming at the development of a new approach to video(More)
In order to reduce the size and improve the convergence of PSO (particle swarm optimization) algorithm, an improved PSO algorithm, called TPSO (two particles PSO) algorithm, is presented in this paper. The swarm is only composed of two particles in TPSO algorithm. The algorithm is guaranteed to converge to the global optimization solution with probability(More)
FEOD (Finite Element Optimization Design) is a design methodology that derives optimal design solutions by concurrently considering various mutually dependent design elements from an assortment of disciplines. As such, it is applicable to the designing of cars. This paper is concerned with design optimization of material reinforcement of car body frame for(More)
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