Cheng Hong Lim

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OBJECTIVE The prevalence of primary glomerulonephritis in Singapore is compared with that of 28 other countries to review changing trends in the evolution of primary glomerulonephritis in Asia and other countries. METHOD 2,586 renal biopsies in Singapore over the past 3 decades were reviewed and compared with data from 28 other countries. RESULTS In the(More)
Translational research (TR) can be defined as research where a discovery made in the laboratory (bench) can be applied in the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of a disease. Examples of medical discoveries contributing to translational medicine (TM) include the isolation of insulin by Banting (Nobel Laureate, 1923), the discovery of penicillin by Alexander(More)
INTRODUCTION This paper presents the results of a community survey on urinary abnormalities which covered 1/80th of the population of Singapore in 1975. These findings were compared with the data from the Singapore National Service Registrants in 1974 as well as data from a recent survey in Singapore and that of other Asian and Western countries. (More)
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