Cheng-Hao Quan

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Lately, the ISO fixed on UHF Gen2 as one of the standard protocols for RFID, called ISO 18000-6 C, along with ISO 18000-6 A/B. It means that the RFID system should provide the multi-protocol support for tag identification and a proper protocol should be chosen depending on the situation. The tag anti-collision algorithm is one of the important research(More)
According to a recent study poor sitting posture of the spine has been shown to lead to a variety of spinal disorders. For this reason, it is important to measure the sitting posture. In this study, we proposed a system that sitting posture classify using 3-axis accelerometer. We retrieved acceleration data from single tri-axial accelerometer attached on(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the walking imbalance using the EMG(electromyogram). To confirm the effectiveness of the proposed encoder and acceleration, EMG sensor based gait imbalance determination system. This experiment was carried out to evaluation with a healthy adult male to 10 people. The Encoder device is attached to the hip and knee(More)
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