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This paper proposes a new application framework for group tour guiding services based on RFIDs and wireless sensor network. We consider a sensing field mixed with multiple independent tourist groups, each with a leader and several members. Members of a group will follow the moving path of their leader, but may occasionally roam around randomly based on(More)
Electroglottography (EGG) and photoglottography (PGG) are two plausible methods to study voice production for monitoring the patterns of laryngeal vibrations. It has been suggested that measures such as open quotient and speed quotient calculated from glottographic signals can provide useful information regarding pathological phonation. In this paper, an(More)
In this paper we present several algorithms to reorder unknowns in a finite element mesh so that we can use the multicolour SOR method to solve the corresponding linear system on a pipelined computer or on a parallel computer. We also discuss the assembling process by reordering elements with our algorithms. Numerical tests on a pipelined computer indicate(More)
  • C. H. Wu
  • 2015
The fundamental flaws of qubit concept for general-purpose quantum computing are elaborated here. We show that from implementing of the addition operation of two bits, only four symbolic substitution rules are needed. Superposition of four states from the two qub its is then irrelevant for the addition operation of two bits. The fundamental quantum(More)
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