Cheng Genwei

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Bismuth oxide bromide, BiOBr, was used to catalyze the degradation of microcystin-LR (MC-LR) in water at neutral pH under visible light. During the investigation, twelve intermediates from MC-LR decomposition were identified by LC-MS. In addition to attacking MC-LR at the typically susceptible sites (i.e., the conjugated double bond of the Adda chain and(More)
The landslides and rockfalls were studied in this paper from Xiangjiaba to Baihetan in the lower reach of Jinsha river. Their volume, distribution density and landslide index were studied which indicated that there existed close relationships between landslides and rockfalls and geological structure, stratum. The fold and faultage influenced on the(More)
Tibet is one of the areas with most serious geological hazards in China, and the distribution of disasters has obvious local characteristics. Tibet can be classified as three parts through zoning the danger degree, the mountain canyon high danger zone of east and southeast Tibet, the plateau mountain lake basin and valley middle danger zone of south Tibet,(More)
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