Cheng Gao Zhang

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Taurine has a variety of actions in the body such as cardiotonic, host-defensive, radioprotective and glucose-regulatory effects. However, its action in the central nervous system remains to be characterized. In the present study, we tested to see whether taurine exerts anti-anxiety effects and to explore its mechanism of anti-anxiety activity in vivo. The(More)
Callusing was induced from three kinds of explants of Chinese medical plant Scutellaria baicalensis with thidiazuron (TDZ) as an exogenous growth regulator. Multiple shoots were formed from these calli on hormone-free media. Calli induced by 0.3 mg/l TDZ produced shoots directly on the induction medium after culturing for 30–40 days without any interval,(More)
To test the hypothesis that insulin mediators serve as the signal transduction system for insulin's steroidogenic actions in human placental cytotrophoblasts, we examined the effects of two inositolglycan insulin mediators, the insulin pH 2.0 chiro-inositol mediator (IM-pH 2.0) and the insulin pH 1.3 myo-inositol mediator (IM-pH 1.3), on cytotrophoblastic(More)
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