Cheng-Feng Tai

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Studies using this micro-system demonstrated significant morphological differences between alveolar epithelial cells (transformed human alveolar epithelial cell line, A549 and primary murine alveolar epithelial cells, AECs) exposed to combination of solid mechanical and surface-tension stresses (cyclic propagation of air-liquid interface and wall stretch)(More)
Efficiency improvement is important for new transport layer protocols. Stream control transmission protocol (SCTP), proposed by IETF, is to improve the efficiency and security of the transport layer. SCTP is featured by multi-homing and multi-streaming. Though the source and destination nodes exchange the available address list after four-way handshake in(More)
Multiphase flows associated with interfacial dynamics, steep jump in fluid-properties, and moving boundaries between different phases and materials pose substantial computational challenges. Modeling the interfacial dynamics often involves a compromise between the accuracy and efficiency. Recent progress made in handling the geometry of three-dimensional(More)
Sound generation from a vibrating circular piston is a classical acoustic problem. The goal of this paper is to simulate numerically the sound radiation produced by oscillating baffled pistons, using both linear and nonlinear model, and to consider the interplay between wave propagation and geometric complexities. The linear solution, based on the linear(More)
Surfactant replacement therapy (SRT) involves instillation of a liquid-surfactant mixture directly into the lung airway tree. It is widely successful for treating surfactant deficiency in premature neonates who develop neonatal respiratory distress syndrome (NRDS). However, when applied to adults with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), early(More)
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