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Screening of Lactic Acid Bacteria Suitable for Biological Acidification of Rice Soaking in Chinese Rice Wine
After inoculating L. plantarum B101 with lactic acid bacteria, it can quickly improve the acidity of seriflux, shorten the time of soaking, and inhibit bacterial growth, improve the stability of the process of soak, and effectively reduce the biogenic amine content of Seriflux. Expand
Oil Temperature Analysis of Closed Hydraulic Drive System of Large-scale Construction Vehicles
Through the analysis of the process that closed hydraulic system generating heat internally,and its oil absorbing and radiating heat,a schematic of the heat transfer was drawn,and the intern oilExpand
Optimized Site Selection Model Research of Field Oil Depot Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Assessment
As the mobile oil depot between rear base and frontline combat,field oil depot is one of a POL support entity and directly related to the effective performance of troops in battle logisticsExpand
Anti-skidding control technology for hydraulically-driven closed traveling system of self-propelled trucks
Pertaining to the features of hydraulically-driven closed traveling system of self-propelled trucks,three common anti-skidding technologies,i. e. the electronic,hydraulically-controlled free-wheelExpand
Comparative Study on the Content of Polysaccharide in Pinella and Puffing Pinella
[Objective] To investigate the impact of puffing concocted pinellia polysaccharide content. [Method] Using phenol-sulfuric acid method,polysaccharide content of pinellia raw goods and puffed productsExpand
Simplifying the process of measuring gyroscope azimuth angle with wires
Through the method of using known coordinates the back calculation and operation can obtain coarse north direction to replace the traditional coarse orientation process, which can greatly improve the directional efficiency and economic benefits, save the battery ufespan, and the personnel physical consumption. Expand
Study on Heat Treatment New Technology of Hub ZL101A Al Alloy Used for Car Wheel
The traditional heat treatment process of ZL101A alloy was summarized,and then a kind of heat treatment process for automobile wheel hub used for ZL101A alloy was put forward.The feasibility of thisExpand
Research on Shrinkage and Creep Tests of Concrete with Same Compressive Strength and Field Monitoring
The influence law and mechanism of concrete constituents on shrinkage and creep of concrete with 7 days same compressive strength are studied by the self-made test device to produce and optimizeExpand