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Networks today rely on middleboxes to provide critical performance, security, and policy compliance capabilities. Achieving these benefits and ensuring that the traffic is directed through the desired sequence of middleboxes requires significant manual effort and operator expertise. In this respect, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) offers a promising(More)
—As the service requirements of network applications shift from high throughput to high media quality, interactivity, and responsiveness, the definition of QoE (Quality of Experience) has become multidimensional. Although it may not be difficult to measure individual dimensions of the QoE, how to capture users' overall perceptions when they are using(More)
Virtualization allows flexible mappings between physical resources and virtual entities, and improves allocation efficiency and agility. Unfortunately, most existing virtualization technologies are limited to resources in a single host. This paper presents the design, implementation and evaluation of a multi-host I/O device virtualization system called(More)
As the performance overhead associated with CPU and memory virtualization becomes largely negligible, research efforts are directed toward reducing the I/O virtualization overhead, which mainly comes from two sources: DMA set-up and payload copy, and interrupt delivery. The advent of SRIOV and MRIOV effectively reduces the DMA-related virtualization(More)
A distinguishing characteristic of a software-defined network is separation of the network's control plane from its data plane. Especially when the granularity of control is an individual network flow, such separation entails frequent communications between these two planes. This communication pattern demands the same level of resilience from the control(More)
The ITRI container computer is a modular computer designed to be a building block for constructing cloud-scale data centers. Rather than using a traditional enterprise data center network architecture, which is typically based on a combination of Layer 2 switches and Layer 3 routers, the ITRI container computer's internal inter-connection fabric, called(More)
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