Cheng-Ching Yu

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BACKGROUND Although previous studies have revealed the contribution of an initial high level of dengue virus replication to the severe and potentially life-threatening diseases dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) and dengue shock syndrome, the involvement of dengue virus in the immunopathological processes during the transition from fever to defervescence, which(More)
The identification of the process plays an integral part in autotuning. The objective of this paper is to formulate an improved autotuning method by thoroughly investigating the shapes of the relay feedback responses and extracting additional information about the process dynamics. The relay feedback tests are conducted on different processes with wide(More)
PID controllers are widely used in industries and so many tuning rules have been proposed over the past 50 years that users are often lost in the jungle of tuning formulas. Moreover, unlike PI control, different control laws and structures of implementation further complicate the use of the PID controller. In this work, five different tuning rules are taken(More)
We consider control structure selection, with emphasis on “what to control”, for a simple plant with a liquid-phase reactor, a distillation column, and recycle of unreacted reactants. Plants of this kind have been studied extensively in the plantwide control literature. Our starting point is a clear definition of the operational objectives, constraints, and(More)
Fault diagnosis using structural knowledge, namely, the signed directed graph (SDG), is presented. A design procedure is proposed to overcome several problems associated with the SDG: (1) it produces spurious (multiple) interpretations and (2) it may delete the true interpretation when the process variable is going through nonsingle transition (this is(More)
This paper considers the plantwide control structure design for improved disturbance rejection. The balanced control scheme of ‘Comput. Chem. Eng. 20 (1996) 1291’ has the advantage of alleviating the snowball effect for plants with recycles by changing condition in several units in the process so as to distribute the work evenly among process units as(More)