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The 2.1D sketch is a layered image representation, which assigns a partial depth ordering of over-segmented regions in a monocular image. This paper presents a global optimization framework for inferring the 2.1D sketch from a monocular image. Our method only uses over-segmented image regions (i.e., superpixels) as input, without any information of objects(More)
Superpixels are perceptually meaningful atomic regions that can effectively capture image features. Among various methods for computing uniform superpixels, simple linear iterative clustering (SLIC) is popular due to its simplicity and high performance. In this paper, we extend SLIC to compute content-sensitive superpixels, i.e., small superpixels in(More)
The medial axis is an important shape representation that finds a wide range of applications in shape analysis. For large-scale shapes of high resolution, a progressive medial axis representation that starts with the lowest resolution and gradually adds more details is desired. In this paper, we propose a fast and robust geometric algorithm that computes(More)
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