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—Nondestructive analysis (NDA) is one of the most important tasks that is performed during the industrial characterization of integrated circuits (ICs) because even a tiny defect or failure in the IC packages could be disastrous from the standpoint of quality control. To detect an interconnection failure in IC packages, a time-domain reflectometry (TDR)(More)
Crack inspection is a critical issue in quantitative nondestructive evaluation (NDE). The eddy current (EC) method is effective for surface discontinuities detection, but the spatial resolution of conventional EC method is constrained by the size of EC probe. The photoinductive (PI) imaging method is a NDE technique that combines EC and laser-based thermal(More)
—AND and NAND logic gate based on the negative differential resistance (NDR) device is demonstrated. This NDR device is made of metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect-transistor (MOS) devices that could exhibit the NDR characteristic in the current-voltage curve by suitably arranging the MOS parameters. The devices and circuits are implemented by the(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE In this study, we developed a computer controlled treadmill system using a recurrent fuzzy neural network heart rate controller (RFNNHRC). Treadmill speeds and inclines were controlled by corresponding control servo motors. The RFNNHRC was used to generate the control signals to automatically control treadmill speed and incline to(More)
In recent years, because of the effects of low birth rates, developed countries are not only encountering aging population issues but also facing a shortage of quality care for the aged and disabled. Most senior and long-term care providers have difficulty recruiting and retaining a sufficient number of skillful caregivers because a caregiver is usually(More)
In today`s modern world, everybody is becoming dependent on high technology and equipments to makeonès life easier and hassle free. So there naturally arises a need for any person to control the appliances when he is away from his residence or work place for a short period or is touring due to some personal or business purposes at a faraway location and(More)