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Snow and sea ice thermodynamics in the Arctic:Model validation and sensitivity study against SHEBA data
Evolution of the Arctic sea ice and its snow cover during the SHEBA year were simulated by applying a high-resolution thermodynamic snow/ice model (HIGHTSI). Attention was paid to the impact ofExpand
Study of dynamic changes of lakes in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau based on remote sensing and GIS
Taking MSS image data in 1970's and ETM image data in 2000 as the major data source,the authors studied the dynamic changes of lake areas in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau during the recent 30 years by usingExpand
Observing and Understanding High Mountain and Cold Regions Using Big Earth Data
Research on Soil Characteristics and Plant Nutrition of Radix astragali Plantation in Hengshan Mountain Area in North of Shanxi Province
The purpose of this study was to address the relationships among soil type,soil physical properties,soil fertility,soil enzyme activity and soil biomass to Radix astragali plantation,a traditionalExpand
Research on soil-water characteristic curve of unsaturated loess
Under different temperature and densities,the soil-water characteristic curves of unsaturated loess were deterrined by centrifuge tests.It was shown that the matrix suction decreased with theExpand
Investigation of the thermodynamic processes of a floe-lead system in the central Arctic during later summer
Thermodynamic processes of a system involving a floe and a small lead in the central Arctic were investigated during the ice-camp period of the third Chinese National Arctic Research Expedition fromExpand
Application Study of Radar Data in Lightning Warning
The data obtained by Doppler radar,radiosonde and lightning location system from 41 convective cells,which occurred in the periods of July-August 2009 and June 2010,within 200km of the Qihe radarExpand
Equal-Stability Level Based Optimal Stiffener Design for Moderately Thick Plates
Based on the theory of flexible-stiffener,an equal-stability level based optimal stiffener design method was proposed for moderately thick plates by taking the uniaxially compressed stiffened panelsExpand
Mollusca resources enhancement in Jiangsu
Results showed that periodic culture of the traditional mollusca was the main way for a considerable production in the intertidal region and significant effect of proliferation was achieved after mollsusca release in these places. Expand