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Taxonomy of the genus Ptomaphaginus Portevin (Coleoptera: Leiodidae: Cholevinae: Ptomaphagini) from China, with description of eleven new species.
Eleven new species from China are reported, increasing the Chinese fauna of the genus Ptomaphaginus to sixteen species, and important characters on the last two visible ventrites and aedeagus in the male as well as on the ventral side of the proleg are discussed. Expand
The Relative Importance of Spatial and Local Environmental Factors in Determining Beetle Assemblages in the Inner Mongolia Grassland
It is confirmed that spatial and local environmental factors worked together to shape epigaeic beetle communities along the geographic gradient in the Inner Mongolia grassland, and the climate features appeared to play important roles on controlling richness and abundance, and species compositions of epIGaeic beetles. Expand
Revision of the genus Ptomaphagus Hellwig (Coleoptera, Leiodidae, Cholevinae) from Taiwan Island
Relevant morphological characters of the examined Ptomaphagus species are illustrated with colour plates, and their known distributions are mapped. Expand
Revision of the genus Ptomaphagus Hellwig (Coleoptera, Leiodidae, Cholevinae) from Japan
A new species is described, Ptomaphagus (s. str.) piccoloi sp. Expand
Revision of the genus Ptomaphagus Hellwig (Coleoptera, Leiodidae, Cholevinae) from the Russian Far East and the Korean Peninsula
Abstract The conundrum of Ptomaphagus (s. str.) sibiricus Jeannel, 1934 (Coleoptera, Leiodidae, Cholevinae, Ptomaphagini) is solved, and it is redescribed and newly recorded in South Korea. A newExpand
Paussus (Scaphipaussus) zhouchaoi sp. n., a new myrmecophilous species from China (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Paussinae, Paussini)
Abstract A new species of flanged bombardier beetles is described from Jiangxi and Sichuan, China, Paussus (Scaphipaussus) zhouchaoi sp. n. (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Paussinae, Paussini). All the typeExpand
A new species of Anoplophora Hope, 1839 allied to A. freyi (Breuning, 1947) from Sichuan, China (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae).
A new species of longhorn beetle, Anoplophora puxian sp. n. (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae, Lamiini) is described from Sichuan, China. It is closely related to A. freyi (Breuning, 1947).Expand
Omoglymmius (s. str.) wukong sp. n., a new species from Xizang, China (Coleoptera, Rhysodidae, Omoglymmiini)
Abstract Omoglymmius (s. str.) wukong sp. n. (Coleoptera: Rhysodidae: Omoglymmiini) is described from Xizang, China. Relevant morphological characters of the new species are illustrated with colourExpand
Catalogue of rhysodine beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) from East Asia.
An annotated catalogue for 22 extant species of the subfamily Rhysodinae (Coleoptera: Carabidae) from East Asia is presented, with 7 genera classified into 3 tribes, and a modified key to genera of rhysodine beetles from EastAsia is compiled. Expand
Revision of the genus Ptomaphagus Hellwig from eastern Asia (Coleoptera, Leiodidae, Cholevinae)
A key to species of Ptomaphagus from eastern Asia is provided, revealing a high diversity of this genus in eastern Asia, especially in central and north Sichuan, China, which essentially remains to be investigated. Expand