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Nickel (Ni) is an essential micronutrient; however, its metabolic or physiological functions in plants and animals are largely uncharacterized. The ribonucleases (RNase, e.g., RNase A) are a large family of hydrolases found in one form or many forms facilitating nitrogen (N) cycling. It is currently unknown how either a deficiency or excess of Ni influences(More)
High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analysis was used for identification of two problematic ureides, asparagine and citrulline. We report here a technique that takes advantage of the predictable delay in retention time of the co-asparagine/citrulline peak to enable both qualitative and quantitative analysis of asparagine and citrulline using the(More)
Diurnal dynamics of photosynthetic character of Angelica sinensis, as well as effect of continuous cropping on leaf photosynthetic character, antioxidant enzyme activity and growth of A. sinensis were investigated under field condition. The results showed that the diurnal net photosynthetic rate of A. sinensis in sunny day exhibited a double-peak pattern,(More)
Field synergy between the molten steel flow field and the temperature distribution was analyzed at first in this paper. It shows when the synergy angle between the molten steel flow field and the temperature gradient field is more than90¡ã in the tundish, the molten steel temperature distribution is more homogeneous and the synergy number is(More)
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