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OBJECTIVE To explore the influences of slim exercise prescription on body fat mass, blood sugar and plasma resistin for overweight and obesity students. METHODS Subjects were 9 males and 13 females for simple overweight and obesity students of freshman and junior. The function capacity (FC) were defined after examine of body shape, physical function and(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to investigate the cancer incidence in patients with end-stage aristolochic acid nephropathy (AAN). METHODS A total of 102 patients with end-stage AAN treated in our hospital between 2004 and 2013 were included in this study. The correlation of cancer incidence with age, gender, dosage of aristolochic acid (AA),(More)
Complete mitochondrial (mt) genome sequences with duplicate control regions (CRs) have been detected in various animal species. In Testudines, duplicate mtCRs have been reported in the mtDNA of the Asian big-headed turtle, Platysternon megacephalum, which has three living subspecies. However, the evolutionary pattern of these CRs remains unclear. In this(More)
State observer is an essential component in computerized control loops for greenhouse-crop systems. However, the current accomplishments of observer modeling for greenhouse-crop systems mainly focus on mass/energy balance, ignoring physiological responses of crops. As a result, state observers for crop physiological responses are rarely developed, and(More)
Heterochrony is known as a developmental change in the timing or rate of ontogenetic events across phylogenetic lineages. It is a key concept synthesizing development into ecology and evolution to explore the mechanisms of how developmental processes impact on phenotypic novelties. A number of molecular experiments using contrasting organisms in(More)
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