Chenchi Luo

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This paper proposes a compressive sampling scheme based on random temporal sampling using a successive approximation register (SAR) ADC architecture. Variable wordlength data samples at random sampling times would be produced by the SAR converter, so a modified reconstruction algorithm is proposed to recover signals that are sparse or compressible in a(More)
Improved capacitive touch screen responsiveness can be achieved at the expense of the touch screen controller analog hardware complexity and power consumption. This paper proposes a compressive sensing based approach to exploit the sparsity of simultaneous touches (e.g., 10 or less per person) with respect to the number of sensor nodes (e.g., 100s) to(More)
—Capacitive sensing technology is ubiquitous in to-day's electronic devices. This paper proposes a novel architecture for the design of an ultra low power self-capacitive touch sensing analog front end (AFE) by exploiting the sparsity of simultaneous touches with respect to the number of sensor nodes. It is possible to significantly reduce the complexity(More)
Loudspeakers in portable consumer electronic devices are frequently small in size. Due to the low sensitivity of their drive units, they are pushed to their power handling and mechanical limits by powerful amplifiers in an attempt to reach high volumes. To protect against excessive diaphragm excursions, a model based algorithm is proposed which regulates(More)