Chenchen Sun

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This work proposes an unsupervised topological features based entity disambiguation solution. Most existing studies leverage semantic information to resolve ambiguous references. However, the semantic information is not always accessible because of privacy or is too expensive to access. We consider the problem in a setting that only relationships between(More)
Entity resolution is a key aspect in data quality and data integration, identifying which records correspond to the same real world entity in data sources. Many existing approaches require manually designed match rules to solve the problem, which always needs domain knowledge and is time consuming. We propose a novel genetic algorithm based entity(More)
We introduce Sensorendipity, a real-time smartphone-based web-enabled sensor platform for novice designers of sensor-based applications. To understand the usability issues with the platform, we conducted a rapid prototyping workshop. From the results of the workshop, we addressed the major issues by including new visualizations to the visualization suite of(More)
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