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A method of medical image segmentation based on support vector machine (SVM) for density estimation is presented. We used this estimator to construct a prior model of the image intensity and curvature profile of the structure from training images. When segmenting a novel image similar to the training images, the technique of narrow level set method is used.(More)
It chooses 15 kinds of rock from the three major rock categories as the rock samples (the number of rock samples is 208) and obtains the density, susceptibility and reflection spectrum at the wave band of 350~2500 nm. It calculates the correlative coefficients with the aim of studying the characteristic relationship between the property (including the(More)
BACKGROUND Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a major cause of irreversible blindness, and awareness of this disease is important in the prevention of blindness. However, lack of public awareness of AMD was shown in previous studies, and there was no report of AMD awareness in the Mainland of China. Therefore, the aim of our study was to assess the(More)
The theory of granule computing based on the quotient space is one of the three main granule computing theories. The emphasis is on the structure of the quotient space theory in this paper. Comparing with rough set theory, the authors point out the importance of the structure in granule computing theory. A new method of constructing quotient space according(More)
The mineral composition of rock is one of the main factors affecting the spectral reflectance characteristics, and it's an important reason for generating various rock characteristic spectra. This study choose the rock samples provided by Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) (including all kinds of mineral percentage of rocks, and spectral reflectances range(More)
The p53 signaling network is indispensible in cellular stress responses and tumor suppression. Negative regulations of p53 by mouse double minute 2 (MDM2) and its homolog MDM4 are an integrated component of the network and have been implicated in regulating the stress responses and the maintenance of normal development and homeostasis of multiple somatic(More)
Solvothermal reactions of mixed ligands H(3)BTC and macrocyclic oxamide complexes (ML, M = Cu, Ni) with M(ClO(4))(2)·6H(2)O (M = Co, Zn, Ni and Cd) afford six new complexes, including [M'(4)(BTC)(2)(ML)(2)(OH)(2)(H(2)O)(2)]·2H(2)O (M' = Co, M = Ni, for (1); M' = Zn, M = Ni, for (2); M' = Zn, M = Cu, for (3)),(More)
Hydrothermal reactions of mixed ligands 5-sulfosalicylic acid (H(3)SSAL) and macrocyclic oxamide complex (CuL) with M(ClO(4))(2)·6H(2)O (M = Mn, Gd and Cu) afford three new complexes, including [Mn(II)(2)Mn(III)(SSAL)(2)(CuL)(2)(OH)(H(2)O)(3)]n (1), {[Gd(2)(HSSAL)(2)(CuL)(4)(C(2)O(4))(H(2)O)(2)]·2H(2)O}(n) (2) and [Cu(2)(HSSAL)(2)(CuL)(4)]·2H(2)O (3) (CuL,(More)
BACKGROUND Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV) is one of the most common and distressing side effects in patients with cancer. The introduction and development of antiemetic drugs have significantly improved the ability of clinicians to control CINV, but it is not easy to translate to practical application, owing to financial issues,(More)
Chronic inflammation promotes the development and progression of various epithelial tumors. Wild-type p53 suppresses inflammation, but it is unclear whether the role of p53 in suppression of inflammation is linked to its tumor suppression function. Here, we established mouse models of myeloid lineage-specific p53 deletion or activation to examine its role(More)