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Measurements of flow-induced birefringence in microfluidics.
In this study, we demonstrate the use of a microscopic circular polariscope to measure the flow-induced birefringence in a microfluidic device that represents the kinematics of fluid motionExpand
Active mixing in diverging microchannels
In this study, active mixing in diverging microchannels is investigated experimentally. Using a custom-built dynamic pressure generator as the actuation source, the influences of the half-angle ofExpand
Dielectric Characterisation of Single Microalgae Cell Using Electrorotation Measurements
This study demonstrates the electrorotation of single microalgae cells captured in the center of a set of planar microelectrodes within a microfluidic device, and compares the rotational speeds ofExpand
Mapping the Salinity Gradient in a Microfluidic Device with Schlieren Imaging
This work presents the use of the schlieren imaging to quantify the salinity gradients in a microfluidic device, for it provides a spatially resolved, non-invasive, full-field measurement. Expand
PIV study of droplet fission in a bifurcating microchannel
In this study, we exploit the μPIV (microscale particle image velocimetry) analysis to investigate the internal flow field of a dividing droplet in a bifurcating microchannel. Herein, droplets areExpand
Marangoni effects on the boiling of 2-propanol/water mixtures in a confined space
Abstract In this study, boiling experiments were conducted with 2-propanol/water mixtures in a confined gap under various gravity levels to examine the Marangoni effects on near-bubble microscaleExpand
Diagnosis of oscillating pressure-driven flow in a microdiffuser using micro-PIV
In this study, the characteristics of oscillating pressure-driven flow in a microdiffuser are examined by μPIV (micro Particle Image Velocimetry) diagnostics. Utilizing a cam-follower system, aExpand
Analyzing Mixing Inhomogeneity in a Microfluidic Device by Microscale Schlieren Technique.
In this paper, we introduce the use of microscale schlieren technique to measure mixing inhomogeneity in a microfluidic device. The microscale schlieren system is constructed from a HoffmanExpand
A spherical Leidenfrost droplet with translation and rotation
Abstract This study presents a theoretical model for a spherical Leidenfrost droplet with rotational and translational motion. Scaling analysis is carried out to validate the lubricationExpand
Optimization of a diverging micromixer driven by periodic electroosmotics
In this study, we investigate the mixing performance of a diverging microchannel driven by periodic electroosmotics. Applying two square-wave electric fields to the two inlets, the influences of theExpand