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Salinomycin Inhibits Proliferation and Induces Apoptosis of Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells In Vitro and In Vivo
The anti-tumor antibiotic salinomycin (Sal) was recently identified as a selective inhibitor of breast cancer stem cells; however, the effect of Sal on hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is not clear.Expand
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Mechanism of action of salinomycin on growth and migration in pancreatic cancer cell lines.
OBJECTIVES Pancreatic cancer is one of the most aggressive and lethal cancers worldwide and there are few effective treatments. Recently, salinomycin (Sal) was reported to alter proliferation andExpand
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Luminescent switch sensors for the detection of biomolecules based on metal-organic frameworks.
Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) as sensing materials have experienced explosive growth in recent years due to their intrinsic merits, such as structural diversity, high porosity, large surface area,Expand
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Fabrication of fluorescent biosensing platform based on graphene oxide-DNA and their application in biomolecule detection
Abstract During the past few years, graphene oxide (GO) becomes increasingly significant in fluorescent biosensing due to its unique heterogeneous structure that offers it potential applications inExpand
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An ultrasensitive fluorescent aptasensor for detection of cancer marker proteins based on graphene oxide–ssDNA
A novel biosensing platform was developed by integrating a new ssDNA aptamer and graphene oxide (GO) for highly sensitive and selective detection of liver cancer biomarkers (alpha-fetoprotein, AFP).Expand
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Design, Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Type of Thermo-Responsible Phospholipid Microcapsule–Alginate Composite Hydrogel for Drug Delivery
Liposomes are extensively used in drug delivery, while alginates are widely used in tissue engineering. However, liposomes are usually thermally unstable and drug-leaking when in liquids, while theExpand
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SMRT sequencing yields the chromosome-scale reference genome of tea tree, Camellia sinensis var. sinensis
Tea is the oldest and most popular nonalcoholic beverage consumed in the world. It provides abundant secondary metabolites that account for its diverse flavors and health benefits. Here we presentExpand
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Modelling the Influence of Inlet Angle Change on the Performance of Submersible Well Pumps
Three groups of schemes were designed for different blade inlet angles of impellers to improve the efficiency and single-stage head of submersible well pumps. Furthermore, the hydraulic performanceExpand
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Rare earth elements tracing interrill erosion processes as affected by near-surface hydraulic gradients
Abstract Understanding interrill erosion processes is important for the development of process-based interrill erosion models. The objectives of this study were to identify dominant interrill erosionExpand
Electroless Plating of Transition Metal Boride with High Boron Content as Superior HER Electrocatalyst
Facile deposition of transition metal boride (TMB) with high‐boron content as highly efficient hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) electrocatalyst has been realized by a facile one‐stepExpand