Chen Zhi Yuan

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Along with the network control technology development, the distributional control system set a higher request to the clock synchronization precision; Taken the IEEE1588 precision clock synchronization standard as the background, it elaborated the high accuracy clock synchronization mechanism and the principle of clock adjust, has analyzed the core algorithm(More)
First of all, the effect of flexural rigidity on the elastic vibration amplitude of the end position of flexible manipulator arm is analysed systematically, and according to this analysis, we hold that the increase of flexural rigidity can reduce the vibration amplitude of the end position of flexible manipulator arm. Then, the effect of axial tensile force(More)
The paper introduces the deterministic model and stochastic model of the nonlinear and asymmetric time-delay gene transcriptional regulation system, and researches the properties of stochastic system with the delay time by computational modeling. With the delay time increasing, it is found that the peak of probability distribution in high steady states is(More)
the end position addition mass and activation joint rotary inertia have important effect on elastic motion stability of flexible manipulator arm. On the basis of mode analysis, the dynamics model of flexible manipulator arm is deduced using Lagrange equation, the state space expression and transfer function are deduced after state variable and input-output(More)
In real-time system, task scheduling policy is the key part of kernel design. How to design task scheduling to ensure that all the tasks will be completed before its deadline is an important problem in the research on real-time operating system. Because the scheduler of RTAI has a bad performance when the system is in heavy load or overload, this article(More)
In this paper we present HDCU, a hybrid data mining and case-based reasoning user modeling system, which is used to monitor and predict the blood sugar level in diabetics. The practical objective for this project is to reduce the cost of direct blood sugar self monitoring by minimizing the number of times that a diabetic needs to measure his or her sugar(More)
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