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Neuroglobin (Ngb), a recently discovered intracellular respiratory globin in neurons, may play a crucial role in oxygen homeostasis in the brain. We report preliminary findings indicating the presence of functional neuroglobin in primary cultures of cerebral cortical astrocytes. Reverse transcription real-time polymerase chain reaction (RRT-PCR) and(More)
This dissertation formulates algorithms that use preview information of road terrain and traffic flow for reducing energy use and emissions of modern vehicles with conventional or hybrid powertrains. Energy crisis, long term energy deficit, and more restrictive environmental protection policies require developing more efficient and cleaner vehicle(More)
While diversity plays an important role in evolution and progress, it is also what makes writing Grid applications to be generally considered a challenging task. The Grid Application Toolkit (GAT) is promising to simplify this task through a plug-andplay design, which is meant to hide all diversity related application writing issues from a Grid-unaware(More)
The site selection and layout of automatic teller machines (ATMs) are important parts of operation and management system of banks. Different addresses usually lead to different returns. It is difficult for us to decide which place is the best one. In this paper, we investigate on the factors of ATMs planning and location model, and make a judgment and(More)
A summary is presented of the history of Shanghai's population growth and the accompanying problems relative to high density, employment, housing, and transportation. Some suggestions for controlling Shanghai's population growth are made, including the need to accomodate population growth in national economic planning, to adopt effective measures to lower(More)
Chemical communication for neurons and endocrine cells depends on their secretion activity. Development of variety of biophysical techniques have greatly promoted the understanding of the mechanism of cellular secretion. Here we will introduce three recently developed biophysical techniques which have been frequently used to monitor secretion activity in(More)
An SOA-based emergency logistics system based on GPS / GIS is presented for that the emergency logistics system can not meet the requirement of managing public emergency frequently. The intelligent vehicle system based on GPS and monitoring platform is designed for real-time data interaction. Ontology-based emergency logistics repository, emergency(More)
In ultrasound image analysis, the speckle tracking methods are widely applied to study the elasticity of body tissue. However, “feature-motion decorrelation” still remains as a challenge for the speckle tracking methods. Recently, a coupled filtering method and an affine warping method were proposed to accurately estimate strain values, when(More)
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