Chen Yushi Gu Yanfeng

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Conventional approaches for geometric correction [1] usually dedicate only one correction model to operate the whole distorted image. In fact, with the changing of view angles and imaging paths, the imaging extent is wide and the distortions of different regions of a whole image are truly different. Conventional approaches are unsuitable to effectively(More)
The SCM AT89S51 and DTMF chip MT8870 are the important part. The SCM controls the dialing. If the numbers is the same as the saved numbers in device, the dialing is not controlled and the processing is cut off. The SCM also controls the longest time of the speaking. if the speaking excesses the preliminary value, the telephone is cut off.
The back-propagation (BP) network is widely recognized as a powerful training tool of the multilayer neural networks (MLNNs). Usually it suffers from a slow convergence rate and often results in local minimums, since it applies the steepest descent method to update the network weights. A variety of related algorithms have been introduced to address that(More)
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