Chen-Yu Yang

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The three most commonly used dyestuffs in textile industry are reactive, acid, and dispersed dyes. One dye from each group, C.I. Reactive Blue-19, C.I. Acid Red-266, and C.I. Disperse Yellow-218 was chosen to study the feasibility of coagulation for color removal. The dyes used in these experiments were chosen to represent the two major structural features:(More)
In this paper, we introduce a newly-created corpus of whispered speech simultaneously recorded via a close-talking microphone and a non-audible murmur (NAM) microphone in both clean and noisy conditions. To benchmark the corpus, which has been freely released recently, experiments on automatic recognition of continuous whispered speech were conducted. When(More)
Chemokines modulate angiogenesis and metastasis that dictate cancer development in tumor microenvironment. Osteosarcoma is the most frequent bone tumor and is characterized by a high metastatic potential. Chemokine CCL5 (previously called RANTES) has been reported to facilitate tumor progression and metastasis. However, the crosstalk between chemokine CCL5(More)
The new concept-plasma desorption-was developed which is able to convert the high-flow-rate and low-concentration emission to the low-flow rate and high-concentration emission. The unique method and apparatus developed were to desorb the adsorbed gas on pellets using nonthermal plasma and at the same time the adsorption material can be generated. In order(More)
Therapeutic benefits offered by common chemotherapy drugs, such as oxaliplatin, are limited due to the development of resistance, which contributes to treatment failure and metastasis. The epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) is a key event contributing to the development of resistance to chemotherapeutics. Although the relationship between oxaliplatin(More)
Aluminum sorbent (Al-sorbent) was produced in a parallel-plate electrochemical reactor by anodic dissolution of aluminum electrodes in a dilute sodium chloride (NaCl) aqueous solution. The NaCl in the solution effectively reduced the power consumption and promoted the sorbent generation by depasivating the aluminum-water electrochemical system. The freshly(More)
This paper introduces the speech synthesis system developed by USTC for Blizzard Challenge 2012. An audiobook speech corpus is adopted as the training data for system construction this year. Similar to our previous systems, the hidden Markov model (HMM) based unit selection and waveform concatenation approach is followed to develop our speech synthesis(More)
This paper presents an improved unit selection and waveform concatenation speech synthesis method by gathering and utilizing human feedbacks on synthetic speech. Firstly, a set of texts are synthesized by the baseline unit selection synthesis system. Each prosodic word within the synthetic speech is then evaluated as a natural one or an unnatural one by(More)