Chen-Yu Chan

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Sound source localization is an important function in robot audition. The existing works perform sound source localization using static microphone arrays. This work proposes a framework that simultaneously localizes the mobile robot and multiple sound sources using a microphone array on the robot. First, an eigenstructure-based generalized cross correlation(More)
This paper proposes an event-triggered control framework for bilateral teleoperation systems to achieve position tracking under unreliable communication network. With the use of adaptive control and scattering transformation, the passive framework for the master and slave robot are extended to system under non-periodic triggering. By using event-triggered(More)
In this paper, we present a small-sized quadruped robot by using compliant mechanisms to accomplish walking, turning, and jumping motions. The design of cable-driven legs with a tension spring on the knee joint can provide robust, stable, and energy efficient gaits for quadruped robots. The quadruped robot can produce a trot-like walking motion, based on(More)
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