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Responses of the endemic leguminous shrub Bauhinia faberi var. microphylla, to various soil water supply regimes were studied in order to assess water stress tolerance of seedlings. Two-month-old seedlings were grown under water supply regimes of 100, 80, 60, 40, and 20% water field capacity (FC), respectively, in a temperature and light-controlled(More)
The intrusion detection system based on feature selection deals with huge amount of data which contains redundant and noisy features causing slow training and testing process, high resource consumption as well as poor detection rate. Feature selection, therefore, is an important issue in intrusion detection and it can delete redundant and noisy features. In(More)
The identification of network applications is essential to numerous network activities. Unfortunately, traditional port-based classification and packet payload-based analysis exhibit a number of shortfalls. An alternative is to use Machine Learning (ML) techniques and identify network applications based on per-flow features. Since a lot of flow features can(More)
Network anomaly detection has been an active and difficult research topic in the field of intrusion detection for many years. Up to now, high false alarm rate, requirement of high quality data for modeling the normal patterns and the deterioration of detection rate because of some “noisy” data in the training set still make it not perform as well as(More)
Al-50Si alloys were joined by rapid ultrasound-induced transient-liquid-phase bonding method using Zn foil as interlayer at 390°C in air, below the melt point of interlayer. The fracture of oxide films along the edge of Si particles led to contact and inter-diffusion between aluminum substrate and Zn interlayer, and liquefied Zn-Al alloys were developed.(More)
A biodegradable magnesium matrix and beta-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) particles reinforced composite Mg-2Zn-0.5Ca/1beta-TCP (wt.%) was fabricated for biomedical applications by the novel route of combined high shear solidification (HSS) and equal channel angular extrusion (ECAE). The as-cast composite obtained by HSS showed a fine and equiaxed grain(More)
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