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Clone actin gene and estiablishment of quantitative real-time PCR from Hemarthria compressa
Through homology comparison of actin gene sequences of gramineous plants from GenBank,conservative regions were selected for the designation of primers.The partial cDNA fragment of actin gene wasExpand
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Secondary sexual characters, pigmentary zones of Gambetta and taxonomical revision the genus Cobitis from China (Pisces, Cobitidae, Cobitinae)
Loaches of the genus Cobitis of the subfamily Cobitinae are small benthic freshwater fishes with a wide distribution area covering large parts of Eurasia and one additional species in north-westExpand
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Identification and genetic analysis of orchardgrass (Dactylis glomerata L.) hybrids by SRAP molecular markers.
【Objective】 Molecular markers were used to identify orchardgrass hybrids and analyze genetic diversity for forming orchardgrass hybrid identification system,detecting genetic information andExpand
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Comparative Study on the Agronomic Traits of New Whipgrass Lines
Agronomic traits comparative experiment were carried out among six new lines of whipgrass(Hemarthria compressa) in phenological period,regrowth speed,resistance,herbage yield and the ratio of stem toExpand
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A new record of blue-spotted seabream Pagrus caeruleostictus from Chinese coastal waters documented from morphology and DNA barcoding
A new record of Pagrus caeruleostictus (Valenciennes, 1830), collected from the Beibu Gulf, South China Sea in April 2013, was documented based on morphology and cytochrome oxidase I subunit (COI)Expand
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Genetic diversity of Hemarthria compressa germplasm detected by RAPD.
RAPD molecular marker was applied to detect genetic variation of 46 Hemarthria compressa clones from Shanghai and Southwest China,including Sichuan,Chongqing,Yunnan and Guizhou.(i) 14 primers wereExpand
Studies on the seedling growth and photosynthetic characteristics of Phoebo chekiangensis Shang
Based on experiment and investigation in Nanjing region, the photosynthetic and growth characteristics of Phoebo chekiangensis were studied. The results were drawn as follows:(1)During seedlingExpand
Comparison of Mineral Element Contents in Different Aging Rubber Trees RRIM600
This experiment studied the content of five mineral elements(N, P, K, Ca and Mg) in organs(leaf, branch, root, bark, trunk and latex) of rubber trees RRIM600. The results showed that: 1) there wereExpand