Chen Ying

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A particular emphasis is put on a novel wearable exoskeleton arm, ZJUESA, with 6 degrees of freedom, which is used for the robot teleoperation with the force-feedback in the unknown environment. In this external structure mechanism, the 3-revolution-prismatic-spherical (3RPS) parallel mechanism is devised from the concept of the human upper-limb anatomy and(More)
Analysis and control for power quality by neural network is a new research field in electrical power system. Rapid and reliable extract the harmonic components determine the overall performance of Active Power Filter (APF). This paper presents a new three-layer feedforward neural network based on error back-propagation algorithm that the training sample(More)
As electronic commerce develops, its success critically depends on establishing, maintaining and managing customer trust in e-commerce Web sites. This paper identifies critical success factors that enhance customer trust in e-commerce Web sites and examines those factors in relation to the e-commerce success metrics using qualitative and quantitative(More)
Establishing a reasonable connecting preference is one of the most important opinions to give priority to the development of urban public transport now. From the view of equilibrium among the three commuter traffic modes(bus transfer metro, bus transfer bus and auto), the generalized travel utility was introduced into the logit model, the model parameters(More)
While great success has been demonstrated in numerous tracking algorithm, some challenging problems still remain such as motion, shape deformation and occlusion. In this paper, the proposed algorithm can work robustly to overcome the occlusion and fast movement in real -- world scenarios. A discriminative model based on the Gaussian superpixel model is(More)
BACKGROUND Studies from other countries indicate that occupational skills training can improve the social functioning and the quality of life of patients with schizophrenia but there is little research about the relationship of occupational skills and the functional status of patients in China. AIM Use a translated Chinese version of the Comprehensive(More)
In order to protect the sustainable and healthy development of urban public transport system, relieve its internal price competition, this paper proposed a ticket pricing model of urban rail transit based on Game theory. Through consideration of different radiation scope under different operation stages, this paper construct rail and bus transit's ticket(More)
In order to protect the whole benefit of urban rail transit system, ease the conflict of government, Metro Corporation and passengers' different interest requirements, as well as balance their rights and performance, this paper proposed an urban rail transit's pricing method based on Shapley value. By analyzing the benefit relationships of urban rail(More)
The " China Brain Project " is a 4 year (2008-2011), 10.5 million RMB research project to build China's first artificial brain, which will consist of 10,000-50,000 neural net modules which are evolved rapidly in special FPGA hardware, downloaded one by one into a PC or supercomputer, and then connected according to the designs of human " BAs " (brain(More)
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