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BACKGROUND Genome-wide association studies have identified three chromosomal regions at 15q25, 5p15, and 6p21 as being associated with the risk of lung cancer. To confirm these associations in independent studies and investigate heterogeneity of these associations within specific subgroups, we conducted a coordinated genotyping study within the(More)
Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have mapped risk alleles for at least 10 distinct cancers to a small region of 63 000 bp on chromosome 5p15.33. This region harbors the TERT and CLPTM1L genes; the former encodes the catalytic subunit of telomerase reverse transcriptase and the latter may play a role in apoptosis. To investigate further the genetic(More)
A doubled haploid population, derived from anther culture of Fl hybrid between a typical indica cv. and a japonica cv. has been used to investigate the seedling cold tolerance (SCT) in growth cabinet. By dynamically analyzing every day's survival percentages of the parents and DH lines under 7-d cold plus 9-d normal temperature condition, the quantitative(More)
As a result, almost every university’s departments and faculties have their own website; and these websites usually are independent each other. In this paper, we will propose a dynamic, cost-effective and efficient multi-sites solution. The proposed solution will implement Single Sign-On (SSO) in campus network through a simple method; and a dynamic(More)
Recent reports have indicated that IL-1[beta] is excessively released into the circulation during sepsis, and the expression level is closely correlated with the clinical course. Polymorphisms in the promoter region of IL-1B have been shown to affect LPS-induced IL-1[beta] transcription in vitro and IL-1[beta] plasma levels in healthy adults and to confer(More)
With powerful computer, high-resolution digital cameras, and sophisticated photo editing software, users can easily manipulate and alter digital images as they wish. Although good forgeries may not be perceptible by human eyes because no visual clues of tampering are left, they may leave some traces of digital tampering that could not be avoided in the(More)
Today, the development of information technology has led business process reengineering (BPR) into an age of inter-organizational BPR: rethinking and redesigning business processes at both the enterprise and supply chain level. Meanwhile, growth in BPR results in the popularity of business modeling techniques. The rapidly growing number of techniques(More)
The objective of this study is to investigate the influence of various tissue loads on the working characteristic of the ultrasonic scalpel, including working frequency, input admittance and reflection factor. Ex vivo animal experiments are carried out and relevant discussions of experimental results are provided. Admittance measurement results show that(More)
Sodium tanshinone IIA sulfonate (STS), a derivative of tanshinone IIA, is isolated from the root of Salvia miltiorrhiza known as "Danshen". Although injection of S. miltiorrhiza extract and STS is used successfully in clinics in China for treating postmenopausal syndrome, the exact mechanism for its therapeutic basis is poorly understood. The present study(More)
Analysis and control for power quality by neural network is a new research field in electrical power system. Rapid and reliable extract the harmonic components determine the overall performance of Active Power Filter (APF). This paper presents a new three-layer feedforward neural network based on error back-propagation algorithm that the training sample(More)