Chen Ying

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the association between aquaporin 4 (AQP4) gene polymorphisms and Chinese patients with neuromyelitis optica (NMO). METHODS 122 consecutive anti-AQP4 autoantibody (NMO-IgG) seropositive cases were enrolled for gene sequencing. Furthermore, ten SNPs were selected and genotyped for a case-control association analysis on 208 cases(More)
  • Jen, P H S Lin, J X Shen, Q C Chen, Jen, Qian Qian +5 others
  • 2000
Frequency and space representation in the primary auditory cortex of the frequency modulating bat Eptesicus fuscus, Binaural and frequency representation in the primary auditory cortex of the big brown bat, Eptesicus fuscus, of neurons in cat primary auditory cortex to tones and frequecy-modulated stimuli. II. Organization of response properties along the "(More)
Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have mapped risk alleles for at least 10 distinct cancers to a small region of 63 000 bp on chromosome 5p15.33. This region harbors the TERT and CLPTM1L genes; the former encodes the catalytic subunit of telomerase reverse transcriptase and the latter may play a role in apoptosis. To investigate further the genetic(More)
Today, the development of information technology has led business process reengineering (BPR) into an age of inter-organizational BPR: rethinking and redesigning business processes at both the enterprise and supply chain level. Meanwhile, growth in BPR results in the popularity of business modeling techniques. The rapidly growing number of techniques(More)
—Owing to its effectiveness and simplicity, intensity-based method works well for registration of images. However, it needs a large amount of computation for geometric transformation. In this paper, we present two shear-resize matrix factorizations to accelerate the transformation. A transform matrix can be factorized into two shears and a fixed non-uniform(More)
A moving object database model based on road network. Abstract: An important feature that differentiates moving object database (MOD) from other databases is that MOD can support queries for locations recorded not only at the sample time, but also at time between samples and even at time in the future. The most important issue in MOD research is to build(More)
Vascular endothelial hyperpermeability is one of the manifestations of endothelial dysfunction. Resveratrol (Res) is considered to be beneficial in protecting endothelial function. However, currently, the exact protective effect and involved mechanisms of Res on endothelial dysfunction-hyperpermeability have not been completely clarified. The aim of present(More)
In this paper, we firstly reported a C-type lectin cDNA clone of 1029 bps from the larvae of A. Pernyi (Ap-CTL) using PCR and RACE techniques. The full-length cDNA contains an open reading frame encoding 308 amino acid residues which has two different carbohydrate-recognition domains (CRDs) arranged in tandem. To investigate the biological activities in the(More)