Chen-Ying Wu

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Realization of smaller and faster coherent light sources is critically important for the emerging applications in nanophotonics and information technology. Semiconductor lasers are arguably the most suitable candidate for such purposes. However, the minimum size of conventional semiconductor lasers utilizing dielectric optical cavities for sustaining laser(More)
We report intense green photoluminescence (PL) from vertically aligned indium gallium nitride (InxGa(1-x)N) nanorod arrays. The formation of InxGa(1-x)N/GaN-heterostructure nanorods increases the localization depth of the radially confined carriers (> 100 meV). Temperature dependent PL peak energy of InGaN nanorods shows the characteristic S-shaped(More)
Vertically aligned gallium nitride (GaN) nanorod arrays grown by the catalyst-free, self-organized method based on plasma-assisted molecular-beam epitaxy are shown to behave as subwavelength optical media with low effective refractive indices. In the reflection spectra measured in the entire visible spectral region, strong reflectivity modulations are(More)
The retinoic acid receptor RARbeta is highly expressed in the striatum of the ventral telencephalon. We studied the expression pattern of different RARbeta isoforms in the developing mouse striatum by in situ hybridization. We found a differential ontogeny of RARbeta2 and RARbeta1/3 in embryonic day (E) 13.5 lateral ganglionic eminence (striatal(More)
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