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ROUGE: Recall-oriented understudy for gisting evaluation
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Determining k-most demanding products with maximum expected number of total customers
In this paper, a problem of production plans, named k-most demanding products (k-MDP) discovering, is formulated. Given a set of customers demanding a certain type of products with multipleExpand
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Optimal periodic replacement policy for repairable products under free-repair warranty
This paper investigates the effects of a free-repair warranty on the periodic replacement policy for a repairable product. Cost models are developed for both a warranted and a non-warranted product,Expand
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A platform-based MPEG-4 advanced video coding (AVC) decoder with block level pipelining
We present a baseline MPEG-4 AVC (advanced video coding) decoder based on an optimized platform-based design methodology. With this methodology, we jointly optimize the software and hardware designExpand
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Data Perturbation Method Based on Contrast Mapping for Reversible Privacy-preserving Data Mining
Data mining has become an important service in cloud computing. Privacy-preserving schemes must be applied to the original data before data owners provide data publicly or send the data to remoteExpand
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Distribution of oxysterols in human serum: Characterization of 25-hydroxycholesterol association with serum albumin
Abstract Oxysterols, derived either from cholesterol autoxidation in vitro or through lipoprotein peroxidation in vivo are biologically active compounds implicated in the pathogenesis ofExpand
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Finding $$k$$k most favorite products based on reverse top-$$t$$t queries
A reverse top-t query for a product returns a set of customers, named potential customers, who regard the product as one of their top-t favorites. Given a set of customers with different preferencesExpand
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A New Improvement of JPEG Progressive Image Transmission Using Weight Table of Quantized DCT Coefficient Bits
  • T. Chen, Chen-Yi Lin
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Pacific Rim Conference on Multimedia
  • 16 December 2002
Traditional JPEG progressive transmission transmits quantized DCT coefficients one by one, and does not consider the importance among the bits in each transmission stage. Thus the reconstructed imageExpand
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A reversible data transform algorithm using integer transform for privacy-preserving data mining
RDT aims to protect sensitive information from being revealed by data mining methods.A watermark can be embedded into the original data by RDT.Compared with the existing algorithms, RDT has betterExpand
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A Better Strategy of Discovering Link-Pattern Based Communities by Classical Clustering Methods
The definition of a community in social networks varies with applications. To generalize different types of communities, the concept of link-pattern based community was proposed in a previous studyExpand
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