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In this paper, a problem of production plans, named k-most demanding products (k-MDP) discovering, is formulated. Given a set of customers demanding a certain type of products with multiple attributes, a set of existing products of the type, a set of candidate products that can be offered by a company, and a positive integer k, we want to help the company(More)
We present a baseline MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding) decoder based on an optimized platform-based design methodology. With this methodology, we jointly optimize the software and hardware design of the decoder. Overall decoding throughput is increased by synchronizing the software and the dedicated co-processors. The synchronization is achieved at(More)
A reverse top-t query for a product returns a set of customers, named potential customers, who regard the product as one of their top-t favorites. Given a set of customers with different preferences on the features of the products, we want to select at most $$k$$ k products from a pool of candidate products such that their total number of potential(More)
The definition of a community in social networks varies with applications. To generalize different types of communities, the concept of linkpattern based community was proposed in a previous study to group nodes into communities, where the nodes in a community have similar intra-community and inter-community interaction behaviors. In this paper, by defining(More)
Background: Numerous transmembrane receptor tyrosine kinase pathways have been found to play an important role in tumor progression in some cancers. This study was aimed to evaluate the clinical impact of Eph receptor A4 (EphA4) in patients with rectal cancer treated with neoadjuvant concurrent chemoradiotherapy (CCRT) combined with mesorectal excision,(More)
In recent years, as network information technology has increasingly advanced, there is a growing trend of people using electronic devices. With the rise of social network services (SNSs), people are using SNSs more frequently, SNSs have gradually replaced many traditional methods of contacting, such as sending e-mails, typing text messages, or chatting on(More)
Classification is the problem of identifying a set of categories where new data belong, on the basis of a set of training data whose category membership is known. Its application is wide-spread, such as the medical science domain. The issue of the classification knowledge protection has been paid attention increasingly in recent years because of the(More)