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—In this brief, a generalized mixed-radix (GMR) algorithm is proposed for memory-based fast Fourier transform (FFT) processors to support prime-sized and traditional 2 n-point FFTs simultaneously. It transforms the index to a multidimen-sional vector for efficient computation. By controlling the index vector to satisfy the " vector reverse " behavior, the(More)
—An LDPC decoder chip fully compliant to IEEE 802.16e applications is presented. Since the parity check matrix can be decomposed into sub-matrices which are either a zero-matrix or a cyclic shifted matrix, a phase-overlapping message passing scheme is applied to update messages immediately , leading to enhance decoding throughput. With only one(More)
—This work presents a portable digitally controlled oscillator (DCO) by using two-input NOR gates as a digitally controlled varactor (DCV) in fine-tuning delay cell design. This novel varactor uses the gate capacitance difference of NOR gates under different digital control inputs to establish a DCV. Thus proposed DCO can improve delay resolution 256 times(More)
—This work presents a clock generator with cascaded dynamic frequency counting (DFC) loops for wide multiplication range applications. The DFC loop, which uses variable time period to estimate and tune the frequency of the digitally controlled oscil-lator (DCO), enhances the resolution of frequency detection. The conventional phase-frequency detector (PFD)(More)
—In this paper, a 64-state four-bit soft-decision Viterbi decoder with power saving mechanism for high speed wireless local area network applications is presented. Based on path merging and prediction techniques, a survivor memory unit with hierarchical memory design is proposed to reduce memory access operations. It is found that more than 70% memory(More)