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A memory-efficient architecture design for de-blocking filter in H.264/AVC is presented. We use the novel data arrangement of Column-of-Pixel to facilitate the memory access and reuse the pixel value. Further, we propose a hybrid filter scheduling to improve the system throughput. As compared with some existing approaches of realizing de-blocking filter [1](More)
—This work presents a portable digitally controlled oscillator (DCO) by using two-input NOR gates as a digitally controlled varactor (DCV) in fine-tuning delay cell design. This novel varactor uses the gate capacitance difference of NOR gates under different digital control inputs to establish a DCV. Thus proposed DCO can improve delay resolution 256 times(More)
Motion compensation is always the main bottleneck in real-time or high quality video applications; thus, fast and efficient motion compensation is necessary. In this paper, a new motion compensation design is presented to overcome large calculation time of complicated motion vector prediction (MVP) algorithm and high motion resolution in H.264/AVC. By(More)
—In this paper, a novel ultra-low-power digitally controlled oscillator (DCO) with cell-based design for system-on-chip (SoC) applications is presented. Based on the proposed segmental delay line (SDL) and hysteresis delay cell (HDC), the power consumption can be saved by 70% and 86.2% in coarse-tuning and fine-tuning stages, respectively, as compared with(More)
—In this brief, a high-throughput and low-complexity fast Fourier transform (FFT) processor for wideband orthogonal frequency division multiplexing communication systems is presented. A new indexed-scaling method is proposed to reduce both the critical-path delay and hardware cost by employing shorter wordlength. Together with the mixed-radix multipath(More)
To extract subcircuits from a large circuit netlist is an important task that contributes a lot in many fields of computer aided design. In this paper, a novel subcircuit extraction algorithm-DECIDE, based on a recursive graph identification scheme as well as a fast graph construction approach is presented. Cooperating with a proper weighting function that(More)