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One of the major obstacles to success in non-viral gene therapy is transcriptional silencing of the DNA vector. The mechanisms underlying gene silencing/repression in mammalian cells are complex and remain unclear. Because changes in chromatin structure and, in particular, histone modifications are involved in transcriptional regulation of endogenous genes,(More)
Minicircle DNA vectors devoid of plasmid bacterial backbone, (BB) DNAs, are transcriptionally persistent, whereas their parent plasmid counterparts are silenced in the liver. In this study we establish that circular plasmid BB provided in trans did not silence a transgene expression cassette in vivo, further confirming our previous conclusions that the(More)
Emerging evidences suggest the heterogeneity of cancers limits the efficacy of immunotherapy. To search for optimal therapeutic targets, we used whole-exome sequencing data from 23 early cervical tumors from Chinese women to investigate the hierarchical structure of the somatic mutations and the predicted neo-epitopes based on their strong binding with(More)
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